Why is the prize in US Dollars and not British Pounds?

Although we are based in the UK, this is a global competition for a global audience. Every country in the world knows what their own currency is worth in Dollars. All are welcome.

What do I have to do to have a chance of winning?

Just sign up for the draw. Just having you visit the site is enough. We will not ask anything further of you, we will not spam you or sell your details to third party. You visit the site, you sign up for a chance to win. That’s it.

Do I have to watch some content?

Content will be playing as you sign up and while it is good for the business if content providers see that entrants click through to their sites and interact with their content, there is no obligation on you to do so.

Will I receive loads of spam?

No. We will never spam you, nor will we sell or give your details to third parties. We ask you if you would like to receive a onethirdeach newsletter but it is your choice and you can cancel with a single click at any time.

How does it work?

Advertisers and other content providers pay for time on screen. When you visit the site, you see their content as you sign up for the draw.

How do I know if I’ve won?

We will publish details of winners on the website on the day of the draw. We may also release details to the media and a list of previous winners will be available to anyone contacting us at winners@onethirdeach.com

Can I choose to remain anonymous if I win?

In the interests of transparency we will publish minimal details , for example: Bob Smith, Walsall, UK. We will not give further details without asking your express permission.

How do charities benefit?

One third of all money generated by the business will be donated to charity. The charities are chosen by you as part of the sign up. We will divide the money between the top three charities (in terms of votes) at the close of the draw.

How do I choose my favourite charity?

In the sign up process you can choose to nominate a charity (you will need the charity registration number and country). If you then encourage others to sign up you can move your charity up the rankings and earn them more money. This costs you nothing. Don’t forget to click the Facebook or Twitter links on our homepage to tell your contacts to sign up.

Where’s the catch?

There is no catch. The content providers pay to show content on the site because you are on the site. The more people we get to the site, the more attractive it becomes for content providers and the more money we raise.

Where does the money go?

One third goes to the winner(s) of the draw, one third goes to the top three charities (in terms of numbers of votes cast) and one third goes to the business to develop the website(s) and business model as well as sponsoring other draws throughout the year.

Can I increase my chances of winning?

Yes. You can sign up once a day for the duration of the draw or become part of a syndicate.

Can I become part of a syndicate?

Yes by choosing the randomised syndicate drop down in the entry process. This allows you to choose a solo entry (you win the total prize)with one chance of winning. You can choose a 3 person syndicate which gives you three chances of winning a third of the prize fund total. Or you can choose a 33 person syndicate which offers 33 chances of winning 1/33 of the prize fund total.

Can I choose who is in my syndicate?

No, although we are working on some interesting ways of doing this. Presently you will be part of a syndicate randomly chosen by the computer. The syndicates are chosen like this: If a winning entry is marked ‘3 person syndicate’ then the computer will choose 2 other winners from the remaining ‘3 person syndicate’ entries. This means you will have 3 chances to win one third of the prize fund.

Likewise if the winning entry is marked ‘33 person syndicate’ then the computer will choose 32 other winners from the remaining ‘33 person syndicate’ entries.

If the winning entry is marked ‘solo entry’ then that winner will take the prize fund total.

How often can I sign up?

You can sign up every day to increase your chance of winning. You can also choose to make all or some of your entries part of a syndicate. A balance of solo entries and syndicate entries may give you the best chance of winning.

How will you pay me if I win?

We will pay by cheque. We will not ask you for any bank details.

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