A Million Dollars for Christmas

Congratulations to Anita Holford (UK) the winner of our first prize draw.

Advertisers paid to put their ads in the big space to your left...

Anyone who entered the FREE prize draw saw these & voted for a charity.

As more people visited the site, more ads were sold and more money was put into the pot to be equally shared three ways (charities, project and no strings prize.)

THIS draw is closed but there are more.
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Dynamic Prize Fund Currently:


Syndicate statistics:

  • 91.98% say solo entry
  • 4.94% say 3 person syndicate
  • 3.09% say 33 person syndicate

More people, more advertisers, more to share.

  • A Million Dollars For Christmas
  • Crazee Thingz Present The Oball
  • Escape to the river
  • High Seat and High Back Chairs

How would you spend the $333,333?

  • Subscribe to a daily massage after work

    Christian Townsley

  • build another bar...

    Christian Townsley

  • give it to my selected charity

    barry Tappenden

  • Travel

    Ben Cresswell

  • give it to Project 65

    B Tappenden

  • start a new venture

    john morrell

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This is our promo video.

Enjoy and let us know what you think


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Starts 09:00:00 AM for 15 seconds

Crazee Thingz is proud to announce it’s the official partner for Rhino Toys and exclusive Distribution into the UK and Ireland.

The Oball comes in various sizes and colours – its light, its easy to catch, you can’t pop it and it’s the best BALL ever – It’s the O-Ball


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Starts 12:30:00 PM for 15 seconds

Have you ever dreamed of relaxing on a boat in beautiful surroundings?

There are boats here to suit everyone whether you're a seasoned sailor or new to the crew.

Bredon Marina nestles on the banks of the River Avon in the heart of the countryside.

Come and see for yourself - have a beautiful day!



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Starts 08:50:00 PM for 15 seconds

Our orthopaedic products are designed for comfort and should be of interest to sufferers of arthritis, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, bad backs and restricted mobility as well as elderly people in general.

Express delivery Electric Riser Recliner Chairs are a further speciality.

We stock the top UK manufacturers including Royams and Sherborne.

Trade enquiries from nursing home suppliers and residential home


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Charity for current draw

Donation Total Currently: $790.07

Percentage of donation divided as per your votes

Cancer Research UK 27.72%
$263 reg #1089464 in United Kingdom
Honour Our Forces 15.79%
$263 reg #100000 in United Kingdom
NSPCC 11.23%
$263 reg #216401 in United Kingdom
Project 65 10.18%
reg #1123149 in United Kingdom
Children in Need 8.07%
reg #802052 in United Kingdom
PDSA 5.96%
reg #208217 in United Kingdom
Alzheimer's Research Trust 5.26%
reg #1077089 in United Kingdom
Royal British Legion 4.91%
reg #219279 in United Kingdom
Diabetes UK 3.16%
reg #215199 in United Kingdom
Unknown 3.16%
reg #1107350 in United Kingdom

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